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9th doctor who

After the resistance, including Lynda and Jack, were all killed, the Doctor was unable to bring himself to destroy the Daleks and the Earth with the delta wave generator, proudly telling the Dalek Emperor that he would rather be "a coward" than a killer. Find out how to watch the past, present and future adventures of everyone's favourite Time Lord! (TV: The End of the World). (TV: World War Three) After they barely avoided the Twelfth Doctor, (COMIC: A Stitch in Time) Harriet led the Doctor and Rose to the Cabinet Room, and the Doctor shut them behind a steel barrier, saving them from the Slitheen, but also trapping them inside. The Doctor alluded to having married Lady, With "the hounds of hell on his heels," the Doctor returned to, On a Thursday in the summer of 1966, the Ninth Doctor visited. The Ninth Doctor led his successors and their companions into his TARDIS after a corrupted Kate Stewart destroyed his gun, and the group learned that all thirteen versions of the TARDIS had fused into one. When he realised that Henry van Statten's prized Metaltron was a Dalek, and that its weaponry was powerless, the Doctor proceeded to mock it, ranting about its worthlessness and pridefully boasted at having personally ensured the Daleks' demise at the end of the Last Great Time War. The Doctor rescued Jack from his Chula warship just before it exploded, taking him aboard the TARDIS as his latest companion. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man), The Ninth Doctor displayed refined control of his TARDIS, managing to accurately pilot it to Rose after travelling on his own for a while, (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon) arriving seconds after he left from her perspective, (TV: Rose) take Rose to see her mother and father marry and returned Rose to the moment her father died twice with no issues, (TV: Father's Day) and even piloted it around Rose and a Dalek when coming to save her. With the help of Peter's work on DNA resequencing, the Doctor created a virus containing genetic instructions from Rose in the form of perfume, which Rose threw at the Lend-a-Hand girls, making them humans with human instructions. The Ninth Doctor's era, due to its short length, stands as the first incarnation's era to be completely released to DVD in Australia, North America and the UK. Upon realising when they had arrived, the Doctor was horrrified and they attempted to flee during chaos caused by an attack of Cucurbites. (AUDIO: Retail Therapy), The Doctor was capable of reversing a teleportation feed, (TV: The End of the World, Boom Town) and had the technical skills to make Satellite Five into a Delta wave generator in a few hours despite initially predicting it would take at least three days given its size. (COMIC: Monstrous Beauty). Shortly after meeting for tea with his other incarnations to celebrate in the Under Gallery, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) the Ninth Doctor lost all memory of the events due to the timelines not being synchronised. In the second part of the season finale, the Doctor and Jack race to save Rose who has been transported to a Dalek ship. Still able to remember the events when everyone else forgot, the Doctor looked on sombrely as Rose and Jackie embraced each other, contemplating what had happened. (COMIC: Four Doctors), Behind his angry demeanour, however, he was one of the nobler incarnations, with not even the continuity bomb able to find a timeline where he was "anything less than fantastic", (COMIC: Four Doctors) and him willingly returning the power of the Time Vortex to the heart of the TARDIS after saving Rose from burning up by absorbing the power into himself, (TV: The Parting of the Ways) despite the Tenth Doctor claiming that a Time Lord would become a "vengeful god" if they absorbed such powers. (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon), The Doctor rematerialised by Rose and Mickey, a few seconds later from their perspective, and told Rose that the TARDIS was capable of travelling in time, before slipping his head back in. Marcus claimed that the man would have to have been in his 70s "now". Having absorbed the energy of the Time Vortex into herself, she brought the TARDIS to the Game Station and scattered all the Daleks and the Emperor's atoms into dust, ending the Daleks' plot. When the Doctor came to discuss the crisis, Rose was left in the care of MP Harriet Jones and the assembled alien experts in the room were electrocuted by the Slitheens. (TV: The Unquiet Dead), With Rose by his side, the Doctor was forced to park an alien spaceship in front of Nelson's Column, (COMIC: The Love Invasion) and took Rose to the Glass Pyramid of San Kaloon and Woman Wept, where they walked at midnight under frozen waves one hundred feet high. (COMIC: Sin-Eaters). (TV: Rose) Whilst in 1923 Paris, he wore a green crewneck sweater. Even after the two parted company, as Rose processed the encounter, she thought most of the Doctor's bright blue eyes, beaming with excitement. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension), During one adventure, the Doctor, Jack and Rose ate Kronkburgers together. Following a chronal trail left by the Eleventh Doctor as the Tenth Doctor merged their TARDISes, the Ninth Doctor joined his other incarnations as they stormed Adam's fortress in Limbo to save their friends from Adam and the Master. A submission from Steven Hudson claimed that Steven saw the Doctor "a couple a years ago" [sic] wearing an Edwardian outfit, rather than his usual leather jacket, but still the individual in Clive's photographs — the Ninth Doctor. (TV: The Unquiet Dead) While Rose claimed to her mother that the Doctor drank, he did not enjoy wine, spitting what he'd drank back into his glass after a toast. (TV: Aliens of London) Being a Time Lord, the Doctor held off the electrocution and transferred it to one of the Slitheen whilst all the other experts died. (PROSE: Only Human), Whilst at the launch of the RMS Titanic in 1912, the Doctor wore a red cravat with a white shirt and black double-breasted frock coat. (TV: Boom Town) However, he could grow irritated with children who misbehaved, finding the boy who graffitied his TARDIS and making him wash it off as punishment, and threatening to “have [him]" should he do it again. He gave the same substance to Rose but she needed longer to recover and passed out. As Horlak began healing her, Rose heard Jack's voice calling out, setting up a psychic projection through Horlak. Returning Phil home, the Doctor explained that Shogalath was, in fact, the leader of a peaceful revolt against the Imperium. He saw the Doctor wandering around a building development on Totter's Lane. However, he eventually submitted to the process with a smile. The Gelth, numbering in the billions rather than just the few they claimed, wished to wipe out humanity and take over their bodies, starting with the dead bodies in Sneed and Company. Since his plan involved presenting the Doctors with dark visions of possible alternates, the tenth and twelfth incarnations mused in the aftermath that the Ninth Doctor had been left alone because the Alternative Twelfth Doctor was unable to find a timeline in which the Ninth Doctor was "anything less than fantastic." (TV: Aliens of London, Dalek) He also made a habit of lounging when sitting down, propping himself up on an arm. Meeting up with Rose and Jack, they went to an abandoned ship which had crashed and had been tampered with to collect energy from humans rather than wind and solar. We see the Ninth Doctor having a number of adventures in a variety of different times and places. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow), The Doctor met Madame Vastra when she was awoken by construction being done to the London Underground. (TV: Bad Wolf), More aloof than other incarnations, the Doctor casually informed Rose Tyler of Wilson's death, (TV: Rose) failed to consider any discomfort the TARDIS translation circuit would cause, (TV: The End of the World) and treated people, like Mickey Smith, with disrespect if they got on his bad side. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man), During an adventure in World War I, the Doctor wore a military trenchcoat to fit in with the British soldiers. ), The Doctor travelled with Rose to the Zaggit Zagoo bar on Zog, where Rose mentioned that, when she was twelve, she begged her mother for a red bicycle for Christmas, but Jackie couldn't afford it. As the General lunged towards the Doctor, he fell to his knees in pain as his makeup began burning him under the lights. River wiped the Doctor's memory of meeting her with mnemosine recall-wipe vapour so the timeline would remain intact. The new issue of the Doctor Who Magazine #566 includes the Ninth Doctor comic book story, Monstrous Beauty, by Scott Gray and John Ross, … (COMIC: Running to Stay Still), When the Eleventh Doctor entered into the T'keyn Nexus to defend himself, Matrix projections of his previous incarnations, including the Ninth Doctor, appeared inside it to defend themselves as well. Before it could, the Doctor and Jackie discovered that the energy had been syphoned away, before everything reverted to normal. While Adam begged for another chance, the Doctor was unsympathetic to his plight. He also took near sadistic pleasure in torturing the Dalek, and tried to convince it to kill itself when it demanded orders. Hardeman claimed to have seen "someone very much like him about a year ago". He let Cassandra's frame of skin dry out and explode as punishment when he foiled her plan, ignoring her cries for help, (TV: The End of the World) though Cassandra's brain survived. BBC, DOCTOR WHO, DALEK and TARDIS (word marks, logos & devices) are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The Doctor was restored to life when Pete let himself get hit by the car, and Rose managed to be there for her father when he passed. Tracking down its presence to Ali, the Doctor let her tag along with him to 2000 BC Babylon to defeat the Starman, but the Doctor was taken to be executed before King Hammurabi and was saved by Ali and the arrival of the Starman, which was later destroyed. This page is a collection of quotations from the era of the ninth official incarnation of The Doctor from the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who, during which the role of the Ninth Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston. However, he could amuse and hold the attention of a group of children, (TV: The Empty Child) and took a bow to roaring applause when he appeared on stage in the middle of a theatrical production in 1894 Birmingham. (PROSE: Winner Takes All), One night, the Doctor told Rose the story of the Tailor’s son and Death. As they set off in pursuit of Rose, Androkan realised the Doctor was from Gallifrey’s future but the Doctor refused to answer his questions on whether it was a good future. He helped expose William Spence’s attempt to sabotage their shipping business with alien technology and then departed, stealing their tickets for the Titanic to save them from its doomed voyage. The destruction of the wormhole reversed the human mutations. (AUDIO: The Other Side). (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen). He lured his Sin-Eater there, who began feeding on the Doctor's life energy, but was soon sent into the Matryoshka drive via a teleport slipped onto him by the Doctor. (COMIC: The Promise) Their size earned him the nickname "Big Ears" from Mickey Smith, (TV: Boom Town) and being identified as the "me with the ears" by the Tenth Doctor. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man), He was a vocal fan of bananas, calling them a "good source of potassium". He spent a few days in their company, finding common ground with Arthur who was similarly a veteran of war, and learnt they were due to voyage on the Titanic. Rose found a small, sturdy cupboard inside the Cabinet Room, and, while the Slitheen were destroyed by the missile, the Doctor, Rose and Harriet hid in the room whilst 10 Downing Street was ripped apart and reduced to a pile of rubble. In an attempt to attract the Unon, the Doctor announced to the crowd that he was offering his Time Lord mind for sale, but was transmitted aboard the Lect ship instead. (TV: The Long Game), The Doctor, telling Rose and the wedding guests to rush inside the church, tried devising a way of stopping the Reapers that were attacking the Earth to seal off the paradox Rose had created. (TV: Aliens of London) He also began habitually carrying his psychic paper around. blue bumped into the man again "outside the monastry outside Lhasa" [sic]. Rose then snuck it into young Jackie's room amongst her other albums. He and Jack were arrested for impersonating the "real" Doctor, while Rose snuck off and discovered the other Doctor to be Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen wearing a skin suit based off the Doctor from Fluren's World. (WC: Doctors Assemble! The Ninth Doctor arrived at St Luke's University in 2017 in time to rescue his tenth and twelfth incarnations, along with Jenny, Bill Potts, and Nardole, from a mob of infected students, explaining that he was instructed to find them by their fourth incarnation. (COMIC: Mr Nobody, The Cruel Sea; PROSE: The Clockwise Man, Rose) The Doctor was particularly fond of his jacket, even being more concerned with locating it when both the jacket and the TARDIS went missing, only cheering up once it was returned. The Doctor fixed the nanogenes' mistakes by comparing the DNA of the child and Nancy, who was his mother, restoring the infected zombies to normal. (TV: The Parting of the Ways), He had large ears, which he was initially shocked at when looking at his reflection, (TV: Rose) and that he felt did not suit him, but determined that "we work with what we have." Rose was snatched by a giant bat however, so the Doctor assisted Gallifreyan forces in neutralising the Cucurbites. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle), On a return trip to the Powell Estate, the Doctor, with Rose and Mickey's help, defeated the Quevvil, who were using video games to choose victims for their mind control missions into the bases of their enemies, the Mantodeans. Knowing his fight against the Daleks was suicidal, the Doctor sent a reluctant Rose back home in the TARDIS, while he and Jack gathered a possible resistance consisting of gameshow contestants and operatives. (AUDIO: The Oncoming Storm) Despite being less of an interventionist, the Doctor was willing to help his friend Plex populate a planet with clones using the Chameleon Arch, understanding the pain Plex felt for the loss of his species in a freak singularity. He was still capable of great cruelty and anger though, killing Cassandra and torturing a lone Dalek into submission. With Jodie Whittaker, Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Smith. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows), Shortly after the regeneration, the Doctor smashed every mirror in the TARDIS, vowing to never look at what face he was wearing, as he thought about how many children he would need to save to make up for the ones he killed by destroying Gallifrey, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) while also vowing to earn back the name of "the Doctor" by making reparations for his wartime actions. (PROSE: Winner Takes All), When offered coffee, the Doctor took it with just milk, (TV: Rose) and, according to Gwyneth, he liked to have two sugars with his tea. (TV: The Doctor Dances) However, he was unafraid to confront his adversaries directly. (COMIC: Unnatural Selection), When talking about his possible death in a holographic message, the Doctor showed no concern for his demise, only hoping for a good death. (AUDIO: Retail Therapy) He happily accepted turkey while dining with young orphans, (TV: The Empty Child) and ordered steak and chips while dining with Margaret Blaine for her last meal. The Doctor went to a pub to check The Daily Mirror for any other alterations to history, and discovered the football score in the World Cup had England scoring an extra goal against West Germany. Rose Tyler was his most constant companion. As well as this, he saw a blue box behind the stands. When the Doctor was taken aboard the Lect command ship by Rose, he learned that the Lect were Excrothian survivors who wanted revenge on the Unon for destroying Excroth with a entropy engine for their time travel experiments. The Doctor left Rose at the bar and went back in time to buy her the bike. The Doctor and Rose entered the room, explaining to the houseguests that "invisible aliens" were the real cause of death. After their adventure, the trio discovered Tara stowed away on the Doctor's TARDIS to come along as a companion. The Doctor then addressed Slist's audience, told them to have a family argument rather than watch television on Christmas, and shut down TVs across the galaxy with his screwdriver. Puzzled, the Doctor discovered that the Game Station was unknowingly broadcasting a secondary signal to an empty location of space, which was where all the losers ended up. The Doctor was reluctant to take part in events, but when Churchill was captured and refused to surrender, the Doctor had no choice but to intervene, stopping the RATS and saving the Prime Minister. A complete story in this volume! As of 2015, the Ninth Doctor is the only incarnation who has yet to be seen on. (TV: Rose, Father's Day) Truly, while the Doctor showed the ability to move past the deaths of those around him in the heat of the moment, (TV: Dalek) he remembered the lives lost and even took time to console the Forest of Cheem for the loss of Jabe's life. The Doctor agreed to co-operate with the Unon in return for his TARDIS being retrieved. … From £9.99 Quantity Add . (TV: Bad Wolf) However, he would at times carry small utility items like a scalpel, a paper and pencil, and opera glasses, (PROSE: Winner Takes All; TV: The Empty Child) as well as an occasional apple or banana. The Doctor advised Cazkelf to "delight and amaze" them. After returning to the Powell Estate, the Doctor planned to go undercover to unmask the aliens within the government, but Rose's mother, Jackie, alerted UNIT to the Doctor's involvement and they escorted him and Rose to 10 Downing Street to help deal with the state of emergency. Gwyneth, who had already died from contacting the Gelth, blew the house up with a match, trapping them and saving the world. The Doctor took Rose and Jack to the Eye of Orion, but found a giant ziggurat and the Hanging Gardens of Slarvia, which had been destroyed centuries before. The Doctor revealed that the General butchered most of the Chapadio race and that this was a set up by to get her revenge on him. (TV: Utopia) Indeed, the Ninth Doctor found it humorous when Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen identified his TARDIS as "technology of the gods", laughing off the idea of being a god by claiming he would "never get a day off". In the summer of 1962, Richard had been working at a psychiatric institution when the Doctor was admitted inside. I sort of knew that he wouldn't. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow), The Ninth Doctor possessed certain control over regeneration. (TV: The Parting of the Ways; PROSE: The Hungry Night), The Ninth Doctor was not keen to encounter his other selves, being apprehensive to speak to Dr. Constantine when he was lead to believe he was another incarnation. (COMIC: The Promise), While he was more adept at noticing the flaws of humanity than his predecessors, (TV: Bad Wolf) the Ninth Doctor still retained the selfless and caring attitude that he carried throughout his previous lives, never once hesitating to put himself in harm's way to save those around him. (PROSE: The Hungry Night), Posing as a woodcutter, the Doctor saved a little girl named Rose and her grandmother from a Zygon.

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