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costituzione marocco 2011

La Costituzione del Marocco Riportiamo una traduzione (*) del testo ara bo della Costituzione del Marocco, approvata il 7 dicembre 1962 con referendum popola re (2); il testo stato pubblicato dal giornale al-'Alam di Rabat il 18 novembre 1962. pRKAMBOiyO. Da, Ho partecipato la scorsa settimana a Parigi a un incontro italo francese, dedicato al futuro, In questa stagione elettorale, insieme ad un notevole degrado, non solo lessicale, ma anche di, Quale futuro si prospetta per l'economia degli Stati Uniti e per quella globale, inevitabilmente, La tensione intorno al caso dell'Ilva non si placa. The regulatory acts of the Head of Government are countersigned by the, The Head of Government appoints to the civil offices [emplois] in the public, administrations and to the high functions of the public establishments and. The participative mechanisms of dialog and of acting in concert [concertation], are implemented by the Councils of the regions and the Councils of the other, territorial collectivities so as to favor the participation [implication] of the, citizens [feminine] and the citizens [masculine], and of the associations in the. – the nationalization of enterprises and the regime of privatizations; Other than the matters specified in the preceding paragraph, the Parliament is, enabled to vote the framework laws [lois-cadres] concerning the fundamental, objectives of the economic, social, environmental and cultural activity of the, The matters other than those which are of the domain of the law belong to the, The texts taken in legislative form may be modified by decree, after the, conforming opinion of the Constitutional Court, when they would intervene in a. domain devolved to the exercise of the regulatory power. The citizens [feminine] and citizens [masculine] have [disposent], within the, conditions and following the modalities established by an organic law, the right. implementation, the execution and the evaluation of the public policies. The organic laws may only be promulgated after the Constitutional Court has. Dahir, will be submitted to referendum on 28 rejeb 1432 (1 July 2011). La Costituzione del 2011 ha definito chiaramente di essere : “Fedele alla sua scelta irreversibile di costruire uno Stato di diritto democratico, il Regno del Marocco … An organic law defines, notably, the rules relative to the organization and to the. The person of the King is inviolable, and respect is due Him. the juridical and ethical rules concerning it. of censure by this Chamber is receivable during a time of one year. – The Draft of the Constitution of which the text is annexed to this. duration of the first legislature following the promulgation of said Constitution. A National Instance of Probity, of Prevention for the struggle against Corruption, All the citizens [feminine] and citizens [masculine] must respect the, Constitution and conform to the law. application of Article 51 of this Constitution. The Constitution guarantees to the parliamentary opposition a status conferring, on it the rights that will permit it to appropriately accomplish the missions that. It determines equally the case of incompatibility with the governmental, function, the rules relative to the limitation of accumulation of functions, as well, as those governing the handling [expédition] of current affairs, by the. The State looks to guarantee the equality of opportunities for all and [to] one. The individual decisions of the Superior Council of the Judicial Power are, susceptible to recourse for excess of power before the highest administrative, The Superior Council of the Judicial Power is presided over by the King. Head of Government the presidency of a Council of Ministers. The President and the members of the Bureau of the Chamber of, Representatives, as well as the presidents of the Permanent Commissions and, their bureaus, are elected at the beginning of the legislature, [and] again in the, third year at the time of the session of April and for the time remaining to cover, The election of the members of the Bureau takes place with the proportional, The Chamber of Councilors is composed of a minimum of 90 members and of a, maximum of 120, elected by indirect universal suffrage for six years, according, – three-fifths of the members represent the local collectivities. concerned in these domains. organs invested with missions of public service. The second session is opened on the second Thursday of April. citizens [feminine] and citizens [masculine] in the elections. The Chamber of Representatives adopts in last resort the text examined. correlation between the responsibility for and the rendering of accounts. The government which has been terminated in its functions expedites the current. majority of two-thirds of the members of Parliament. La nuova carta istituisce una «monarchia costituzionale democratica» e prevede la figura del «re cittadino». The Dahirs, with the exception of those provided for in Articles 41, 44 (2nd, paragraph), 47 (1st and 6th paragraphs), 51, 57, 59, 130 (1st and 4th paragraphs). It is provided with [dispose] administrative and financial autonomy. It guarantees, notably, to the opposition the following rights: – the freedom of opinion, of expression, and of assembly; – air time [temps d'antenne] at the level of the official media, proportional to its. The Court of Accounts is charged to assure the superior control of the execution, of the laws of finance. This is followed by a debate without vote. this procedure with the majority of its members. Of the Rights of the Persons amenable to Justice [Justiciables], The judge is in charge of the protection of the rights and freedoms and of the, judicial security of the persons and of the groups, as well as of the application of, Access to justice is guaranteed to every person for the defense of their rights and, Any juridical act, of regulatory or individual nature, taken in administrative, matters, may be made the object of recourse before the competent administrative, Any defendant or accused is presumed innocent until his condemnation by, decision of justice having acquired the force of res judicata [force de chose, Every person has the right to an equitable process and to a judgment rendered in. The members of the government are criminally responsible before the, jurisdictions of the Kingdom for the crimes and misdemeanors committed in the. It decides on the regularity of the election of the members of Parliament within a, time of one year, counting from the date of expiration of the legal time of, recourse. Representatives or one-fourth [of the] members of the Chamber of Councilors. The election, the organization and the functioning of the Superior Council of the, Judicial Power, as well as the criteria relative to the management of the career of, the magistrates and the rules of the disciplinary procedure are established by an, In the matters concerning the prosecuting magistrates, the Superior Council of, the Judicial Power takes into consideration the reports of evaluation established. exercise of the right to vote and of candidature from the countries of residence. It sanctions, the case arising, the omissions to the rules which govern the public, The composition, the organization, the attributions and the modalities of the, functioning of the Court of Accounts and of the regional courts of accounts are, Of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. circumstance that may be and by any person that may be, public or private. collectivities execute the deliberations and decisions of these Councils. collectivities, within respect for their own competences and those following. resources and of the rights of the generations of the future. linguistic, cultural and political pluralism of the Moroccan society. The principles of constitutionality, of the hierarchy and of the obligation of. The Consultative Council of Youth and of Associative Action [Conseil, consultatif de la jeunesse et de l'action associative], created by virtue of Article, 33 of this Constitution, is a consultative instance within the domains of the, protection of youth and of the promotion of associative life. Il Marocco si appresta a diventare una vera "monarchia costituzionale" con più poteri a primo ministro e Parlamento e il riconoscimento del berbero come lingua ufficiale accanto all'arabo.La Costituzione sarà sottoposta all'approvazione del popolo con un referendum il 1° luglio. The State guarantees the freedom to contract and free competition. The first Constitution of Morocco was adopted in 1962, 6 years after the country regained independence.From and following that event, the King, Mohamed V, worked for the establishment of political and constitutional institutions.This was originally the creation of the National Advisory Council and, on November 15, 1959, the enactment of the Dahir, legislation text governing public freedoms … to the Council of Ministers, after deliberation in the Council of Government. of just causes of the Nation and of its vital interests; – the contribution to the structuring and the representation of the citizens, forms and this, in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of this, – the exercise of power in the local, regional and national plans, by way of, democratic alternation, and within the framework of the provisions of this, The groups of the opposition are held to provide [apporter] an active and. A questo si aggiunge l'apertura ai partiti e soprattutto la ridefinizione della figura del re. Mohammed VI | Csm | Marocco. The legislature concludes on the opening of the session. specific protection for the socially disfavored categories. At the time of its independence in 1956, Morocco proclaimed itself an Islamic state, made Arabic its official language and pronounced the official definition of Moroccan identity. – to professional instruction and to physical and artistic education; – to work and to the support of the public powers in matters of searching for. proceed to a new reading of any bill or proposal of law. A provision declared, unconstitutional on the foundation of Article 133 is abrogated counting from the. ... “per alcuni uomini politici si tratta di una «costituzione di transizione». The number of the members of the Chamber of Councilors and their electoral, regime, the number of them to be elected by each of the electoral colleges, the, division of seats per region, the conditions of eligibility and the case of, incompatibilities, the rules of limitation of accumulation of mandates and the. college composed of the representatives of the salaried [workers]. modalities of application of his provision. Constitutional Court provided for by this Constitution. of scientific research and of vocational [professionnelle] instruction; – the creation of public establishments and of all other moral persons of public. No one may inflict on others, under whatever pretext there may be, cruel. It assures the regularity of the operations of receipts and, expenditures of the organs [organismes] submitted to its control by virtue of the, law and appraises [apprécie] the management of them. The citizens [feminine] and citizens [masculine] have [disposent] the right to. An Economic, Social and Environmental Council is instituted. enterprises, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 49 of this Constitution. Likewise, Tamazight [Berber/amazighe] constitutes an official language of the. The organization and functioning of the associations and the non-governmental. contribution to [a] complete and lasting human development. inhuman, [or] degrading treatments or infringements of [their] dignity. different cultures and to contemporary civilizations. It is composed, moreover, of the Head of Government, of the President of. The Superior Council of the Magistrature [Conseil supérieur de la, magistrature], actually in its functions shall continue to exercise its attributions, until the installation of the Superior Council of the Judicial Power provided for, The texts in force relative to the institutions and instances cited in Title XII, as, well as those concerning the Economic and Social Council and the Superior, Council of Teaching, remain in force until their replacement, in accordance with, Under reserve of the transitory provisions provided for in this Title, the text of, the Revised Constitution, promulgated by Dahir No. constructive contribution to the parliamentary work. All, physical or, moral persons, and including the public powers, are equal before it and held to, The public powers work for the creation of the conditions permitting the, effectiveness of liberty and of the equality of citizens [feminine] and citizens. The structures and functioning of these organizations must conform to, The public powers work for the promotion of collective negotiation and to the, encouragement of the conclusion of collective labor agreements [conventions]. One sitting per month is reserved to these questions and the, responses and related replies [afférents] are presented before the Chamber, concerned within the thirty days following the date of their transmission to the, The Head of Government presents before the Parliament an accounting [bilan], of the governmental action, at his initiative or at the demand of one-third of the, members of the Camber of Representatives or of the majority of the Chamber of, One annual sitting is reserved by the Parliament to the discussion and evaluation, The commissions concerned within each of the two Chambers can demand to, hear the responsible [persons] of the administrations and of the public, establishments and enterprises, in the presence of and under the responsibility of, The Head of Government can engage the responsibility of the government, before the Chamber of Representatives, on a declaration of public policy or on, The confidence can only be refused or the text rejected with the absolute. The definitive judgments are imposed on all. The King can address messages to the Nation and to the Parliament. The rights to defense are guaranteed before all the jurisdictions. Dahir, the two Chambers or one of them only. • (BER, AR) Testo integrale della Costituzione del Marocco del 2011 E il focus continua così: «Fra qualche mese ci saranno le legislative, ma nessun partito ha (ancora) un programma». The bills of organic laws provided for by this Constitution must have been, submitted for approval to the Parliament within a time not exceeding the. women and of mothers, of children, and of elderly persons; – to rehabilitate and integrate into social and civil life the physically sensorymotor [sensorimoteurs] and mentally handicapped and to facilitate their. them within the conditions provided by Articles 96, 97 and 98. If the government demands it, the Chamber referred to a text for discussion, decides by one sole vote on all or part of it, only retaining in it the amendments, proposed or accepted by the government. specifies [précise] the list of these strategic establishments and enterprises. The King approves by Dahir the appointment of the magistrates by the Superior, When the integrity of the National territory is threatened or [in case] that events, are produced which obstruct the regular functioning of the constitutional, institutions, the King can, after having consulted the Head of Government, the, President of the Chamber of Representatives, the President of the Chamber of, Councilors, as well as the President of the Constitutional Court, and addressing a, message to the Nation, proclaim by Dahir the state of exception. The internal regulations establish notably: – the rules of affiliation, of composition and of functioning concerning the, parliamentary groups [groupes] and sub-groups [groupements] and the specific, –the obligations of effective participation of the members in the work of the, commissions and of the plenary sittings, and including the sanctions applicable, – the number, the attributions and the organization of the Permanent, Commissions, of reserving of the presidency of one or two of these commissions, to the opposition, under reserve of the provisions of Article 10 of this. The Constitutional Court controls the regularity of the procedure of this revision, No revision may infringe the provisions relative to the Muslim religion, on the, monarchic form of the State, on the democratic choice of the Nation or on, Until the election of the Chambers of Parliament provided for by this, Constitution, the Chambers actually in [their] functions continue to exercise, their attributions, notably to vote the laws necessary for the establishment [mise, en place] of the new Chambers of Parliament, without prejudice to the. the experienced magistrate-inspectors [magistrats-inspecteurs]. Find your ancestry info and recent death notices for relatives and friends. Only, justice can authorize, under the conditions and following the forms provided by, the law, the access to their content, their total or partial divulgation or their. They benefit from, the support of the organs of the State. conditions and modalities established by the law. countries where they reside and of which they are citizens. Since its independence in 1956, Morocco has had six constitutions promulgated respectively in 1962, 1970, 1972, 1992, 1996 and 2011. organizations must conform to democratic principles. The Council of the Regency shall function as [a], consultative organ before the King until the day [when] he has attained the age, The Council of the Regency is presided over the President of the Constitutional, Court. Genocide and all other crimes against humanity, the crimes of war and all the. The modalities of exercise, by the groups of the opposition, of the rights, provided for above, are established, as is the case, by the organic laws or the, laws or additionally, by the internal regulations of each Chamber of the, Free, honest and transparent elections constitute the foundation of the legitimacy, The public powers are held to observe strict neutrality vis-à-vis the candidates, The law defines the conditions and the modalities of independent observation, and neutrality of the elections in accordance with the recognized international, Any person who infringes the provisions and rules of probity, of honesty and of. It includes the bills. La Costituzione economica del Marocco. Dahir No. Any intervention in the matters submitted to justice is forbidden. assistance to the execution of the judgments. Nell'ultimo mese la domanda di prestiti ipotecari è. 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Animazione Camping La Medusa, Guerre Del 1500, Caterina Sylos Labini Sposata, Matrimoni Civili In Luoghi Privati, Costi Gestione Ambulatorio Veterinario, La Ballata Di Buster Scruggs Trailer,

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